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Candidate: Arjan Gerritsen, Lead mechanical engineer
It proved difficult for Pneutec to find the right ‘lead mechanical engineer. In reaching out to the technical minded, we ran a campaign showing a pneumatic schematic titled ‘Can you read this? ‘. Discussion on social media brought us close to the right candidate. We used a.o. our Live Case selection tool to ensure that the candidate had the right technical skill set, even though he was at that time in a very different trade. This allowed a safe transfer for both the candidate and the principal. Both are, after all our customer.

Pon Power

Interim professional: Wim Hunik, Operations manager
Trained in mechanical engineering and production logistics. Background in operations management in the manufacturing industry and in ERP software implementation consulting. Always active in the area of manufacturing, operations and production logistics.
Wim was placed at Pon Power in Papendrecht as Operations manager a.i. with responsibility for master planning, demand planning, manufacturing engineering, supply chain and purchasing for production. The fit was thus that he was persuaded to join the company as permanent staff.

Van Oord

Interim professional: Jos Karstel, senior buyer
Jos was placed at van Oord to help with a large project and to develop new methods and standards for RFQ, RFI and contracting processes for the project buyers.
Jos trained as a mechanical engineer (BSc) and in marketing (MA), has wide experience in the energy business, oil and gas, steel, food and government projects. Active at senior level in project management, purchasing, sales and general management. Strong IT purchasing background. Jos is known for broad know how combined with political sensitivity.


Candidates about us

  • My compliments; you are the first agency to give a confirmation of receipt and the first to give a decent reasoned response

  • Thank you for the interesting opportunity working with wonderful people, you are worth every cent of your fee

  • thank you for your extensive feedback, very good!

  • Thank you for believing in me and the time and effort you put into that

  • To date it is a good match!

  • it was nice to work with you

  • I have enjoyed the process with you because you give me real feedback with out the sugar coating but with a ring of truth

  • Thanks a lot! It was great sparring with you!

  • I was positively surprised by your active and involved approach and advice

  • Up to now I ranged recruiters somewhere between the estate agent and second hand car salesman. You changed my view on this and I thank you for it

  • Thank you for your help. I must say you are the most efficient recruiters I have worked with.

  • Thank you for your fast and accurate feedback, I can see you actually read my profile