Permanent positions

Our approach


We prefer to work on an exclusive basis so that we can tell the story of our principal and why they are attractive to work for


we prefer to have a meeting with the hiring manager to establish a sharp profile. This will serve to create an attractive job profile. The name of our principal only appears in case of an exclusive assignment.


• Advertising on internet
• Database search
• External search

Active search and privacy:
Prospect candidates who have made their contact details available are contacted directly to further inquire their ‘fit for purpose’. Only when we receive express approval to register their data do we keep these in our data base (see our privacy statement).


The recruiting consultant will evaluate applications and invite selected candidates for a personal interview. Per suitable candidate we will provide our principal with a resumé and a report based on that interview.


On request we can devise a live case to test the candidate as close as possible to actual conditions. This provides valuable performance insight for both the principal and the candidate. The case is custom made and mostly based on the input of the hiring manager.


On request of our principal and with the approval of the candidate, we check his references.


The period needed to offer candidates depends on how difficult the candidate is to find. The usual period in today’s market is 2 to 8 weeks for search and selection.

Final selection

We facilitate the final selection stages by planning interviews and communicating between the candidates and the principal as required, until agreement.

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