Active in Procurement, Supply Chain and Project since 2010 in the Benelux.

Whether you need a competent professional or are yourself looking for a new opportunity, we are the people you need. We look for the best fit with the job and the organisation, rather than a quick fix.

Interviews are always in depth, and selection is based on our executive industry experience. We look for a fit of between the candidates’ soft- and hard skills and the vacancy plus organization.

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Maarten Smits van Oyen

Owner/Recruitment Consultant

Owner and recruiting consultant, MBA, executive career in purchasing, project management and supply chain. Experience in change management and established entrepreneur since 1999 in search and interim management. Founded Xentys in 2009.



Adriaan Brok

Recruitment Consultant

Adriaan Brok helps companies and candidates to connect. He understands your company’s needs and can translate them like no other into a suitable candidate profile. Adriaan has more than 15 years of experience in personnel services, is cheerful, transparent and honest. And… always looking for the person behind the candidate. Always ready for a good talk, advice or action. Call or email Adriaan with questions  about temporary or permanent fulfillment of your recruitment needs.


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