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Company is a provider of services aimed at installing, maintaining and modifying plants and industrial installations particularly for the petrochemical and energy sectors.

The company has approximately 1,500 employees in NL and Belgium and sales of €1.5 bln. Currently, it is still part of an American parent, however, the sale to a new, European parent is imminent. This is looked forward to with great enthusiasm.

The headquarters is in the middle of the country.


The CPO is responsible for an influential spend of €650 mio. He leads approximately 40 employees in the following teams:

  • A central team, managed by the CPO
    • 3x Category managers PR: for materials, for flex and for subcontracting
    • 2x category managers NPR: for IT and for Other indirects (the latter is therefore vacant)
    • A junior associate flex
    • A data analyst
    • A procurement excellence manager
    • A supply chain manager
  • “large projects” with a manager , 4 project buyers and 2 support persons
  • “specialty purchasing” with one manager and 10 buyers
  • 3x ‘business procurement’ teams at the branch locations in NL with a total of 3 employees
  • Belgium with 4 m/f
  • 4 colleagues in Germany.

The vacancy is in the “major projects” team.


You will report to the “major projects” manager and to the project manager of the project you are working on.

The “major projects” manager’s motto is that his team works in the “premier league. There is a strong focus on quality and customer satisfaction; the company is certainly not the cheapest. This strategy is paying off, it turns out.

Typical projects currently being worked on are:

  • Construction of an LNG plant at Eemshaven
  • Construction of a Nitrogen production plant in Groningen to make Norwegian gas suitable for Dutch consumption
  • Expansion of a refinery, responsible for the E&I and piping part of the project
  • Antwerp Borealis, modification of a petrochemical plant
  • Chemelot Geleen, responsible for the E&I and piping part of the project
  • Construction of an offshore “plug island” for an offshore wind farm including 120 km of electrical cabling.

“Major projects” have a value between €8 and €70 mi.

Tendering for customer tenders is done by the manager. Once a tender is awarded to the company, you become responsible for the complete further procurement process.

You will first make a plan for your work together with the project team, consisting of the project manager, work preparation and engineers. In doing so, it is possible, within the constraints of the tender and bid as awarded, to design the procurement process as one sees fit. You will be involved in the complete project, up to and including delivery and commissioning.

You check the specs you get from work preparation, e.g., whether they are clear and complete. You don’t have to be able to evaluate these technically-substantively.

In principle, you will work at the project location, in NL or B. As soon as you are settled in, you can work partly (approx. 2 days/week) from home. Basically, you rarely visit the main office.

Work meetings with your manager and your colleagues take place online or he comes to you.


  • You have at least a completed technical MBO education
  • You have experience working with E&I
  • You have experience working in the energy sector (preferably oil/gas or petrochemical) and therefore also with EPC
  • You have a good command of Dutch and English
  • You are a team player, soft on relationships, hard on substance.


  • Fixed salary up to €75K/year (on full-time basis), depending on knowledge and experience
  • a bonus of 8-10% depending on own and company performance, 27+13 leave days, pension plan.


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Project buyer EPC

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