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Sourcing manager innovation

Manufacturing machines/eqmt


Apeldoorn area

100,000 per year

Deadline is verstreken


Company develops, assembles and sells complex production machinery to the automotive, food, pharma and packaging industries. For its most important product lines it is world market leader. It is part of a listed concern, has some 1.600 employees, production facilities in 3 locations (NL, Poland, China) and sales offices in many countries worldwide.

The headquarter is located near Apeldoorn, counts some 950 employees and houses a.o. R&D, engineering, marketing, product management, procurement, supply chain, logsitics and operations/production.

The company has a strong growth ambition towards a turnover of € 500 mio. and realizes that this will require a new way of organizing and working within the company. This vision is shared by the VP procurement & Supply chain and important stakeholders such as the COO and the R&D director.

The production of parts is entirely outsourced. The production process can be characterized as high-mix/low-volume assembly, integration and testing.



The VP Global Purchasing & Logistics has decided to radically change his organization.

After the transition of his department, the VP Global Purchasing & Logistics will lead the departments

  • “Flow”: logistics, operational buying
  • “Market”: specifying products, selection and contracting of suppliers, forecasts, contract extensions, vendor management
  • “ESI”: Early Supplier Involvement, focused on innovation, getting the technology roadmap of the world supply market into the company and on further outsourcing of production.

In China there is a local procurement team that serves the factory in China.



The Sourcing Manager reports into the VP Global Purchasing & Logistics and will manage the small yet high-level ESI team of 3 to 4 procurement professionals. The team focuses on the strategy/ long(er) term by becoming an important player in the development process of new products and in the organization of production. It will focus on:

  • Integral Cost Reduction and Value Sourcing
  • Strategic technical alignment: alignment of technological development agendas within the supply chain and with new (global) suppliers
  • Global contract manufacturing: bringing outsourcing to a higher level by outsourcing of production of mechatronics and by outsourcing of engineering (non-IP sensitive to e.g. India, IP sensitive within the region)
  • IT/Digitalisation & external provisioning: creating cooperation with universities, TNO, getting new knowledge into the development process.

The main internal stakeholders will be the MT/Board, R&D, sales and product management.

In other words, this position is about innovation in a global market, of both technology and production.

Regarding innovation of technology, you and your team need to

  • participate in R&D projects at the earliest possible stage
  • participate in technological developments taking place within the supply market, at the earliest possible stage
  • take the lead in make/buy decisions
  • develope relations with relevant universities and knowledge partners to develope and find new technologies
  • connect engineering with these suppliers and developments.

To be able to achieve this a more structured cooperation with both product management and engineering is required. At the moment cooperation is mainly the result of market pressure. Important issues in this context are e.g., value mapping, technology roadmapping, early supplier involvement, value sourcing, as well as aspects like ‘design for manufacturability’.

In short, sourcing must take the lead in the supply chain of technological innovation.

Regarding innovation of production, the outsourcing thereof needs to be brought to a higher level, instead of outsourcing the production of parts, the development and production of entire modules needs to be outsourced.

The company is quite interesting to the supplier market as it provides access to OEM’s (e.g. in the automotive sector).

You will travel appr. 15% of your time.


Your profile

  • Academic level
  • Ability to read technical drawings and designs
  • Integral thinking, ability to connect people and departments
  • Advanced and truly strategic procurement experience in an international manufacturing environment, experience with high-level outsourcing of production
  • (Procurement) management experience
  • You do speak your languages.



Gross salary up to appr. € 100.000 per year, depending on experience and background, 32 vacation days, PME ‘middelloon’ pension scheme, 8-12% profit sharing scheme (all recent years except 2020).

Post-covid it is foreseen that you can work up to 2 days/week from home.



Please send your CV plus motivation letter to
Additional information can be obtained from Maarten Smits van Oyen, tel. 070-2400414.

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