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This is a collective term for functions at the operational or tactical level. It is important to read in the job posting what type of buyer a company is looking for. So it can be a category buyer, a project buyer or a facility buyer, but also a function focused on operational procurement and in exceptional cases even focused on guiding tenders or of “New Product Development.

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The function buyer within an organization

What is expected of you as a "buyer"?

First of all, that you are communicatively agile. You will work in the organization with many different departments, think production and logistics and possibly also with product management, finance, marketing, sales, engineering.

In addition, you will need to be meticulous to keep your records in good order, think supplier evaluations, contracts, POs, etc.

And you will need to be a good negotiator to maximize your organization’s interests.

If you do your job well, you are an indispensable link in the organization.

The capabilities of a buyer

Depending on the industry, company and needs, different procurement functions are available. Within the buyer position, a distinction is often made between a Junior buyer, Senior buyer, Operational buyer, Category manager and Strategic buyer.

A Junior Buyer is new to purchasing and works with a Senior Buyer for guidance.

A Senior Buyer primarily oversees the entire procurement cycle. He or she often works in a senior project with other teams to achieve the best price for the products.

Procurement Buyers focus on purchasing large volumes of products and services in large companies. Strategic buyers build long-term relationships with suppliers and focus on goal achievement within companies.

Category managers, on the other hand, focus only on specific product types.

At Xentys, when choosing a suitable position for you, we take into account factors such as experience level, qualifications and, above all, personal preference. We are happy to take on the preliminary research done to find the responsibilities and requirements that match your skills and ambitions. Our knowledge of the field combined with expertise will lead to a high probability of successful career development for you.

As a buyer, you normally work in an office environment, collaborating with colleagues and other departments. It is possible to work as a buyer in various sectors. Consider, for example, the technical sector or the retail industry.

An example of a technical organization, for example, is Tata Steel. Within retail, you will be able to work as a retail buyer. An appropriate work culture is essential for a company to motivate you and engage you in your work. Moreover, it is advantageous to find a company that matches your personality and values. Consider benefits such as flexible working hours, training programs, a leased car or other nice fringe benefits.

We are happy to help you find a suitable organization for your needs. By finding a suitable work environment that matches your needs and interests, you can build a great career as a buyer while contributing to the company’s success.

As abuyer, you have a wide range of responsibilities and duties. For example, you will be responsible for finding appropriate suppliers, negotiating purchase prices and placing orders. So this means you have a lot of contact with suppliers and other parties. Your job is to ensure that the company obtains the best products and services at a competitive price.

As a buyer, you will work closely with other departments within the company, such as production, marketing and finance, to ensure that purchasing processes run smoothly. More experience as a buyer can contribute to the company’s growth and success. A Buyer must have excellent communication skills for the possible tasks and be able to build relationships with suppliers.

Being a buyer can be beneficial in keeping abreast of the latest developments in the market. You can contribute to the development of new products and services, optimizing costs and finding new suppliers. In this dynamic and challenging role, you will be invaluable to any company looking for innovation and more efficient procurement process.

A successful career as a buyer, as indicated, requires communication skills. This is necessary to have contact with key suppliers and overall for purchasing products. Negotiation skills are also essential to get the best prices and terms with suppliers. Affinity for procurement and knowledge of the current market can contribute to performance within the company you work for.

Accuracy, attention to detail and good planning and organizational skills also contribute to this. In addition to all these skills, we would like to emphasize that for us a good mindset and the right attitude are perhaps even more important. This is because we believe that there is always room for personal development and growth.

There are different educational requirements for a Buyer. Of course, this depends entirely on the type of business and industry. In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree in logistics, business administration or a related field is required for the position. A Master’s degree in a related field can also be helpful and can broaden your career opportunities. Furthermore, it is important to gain experience in the procurement sector, such as through internships or traineeships. Fortunately, this is mandatory in most courses. ‘Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM)’ or ‘Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM)’ certifications can also help improve your qualifications and enhance your career opportunities. There is always room for development in our point of view. One way to do this is through training, workshops or membership in a professional purchasing organization. With the right education and experience, you can build a successful career as a Buyer. Do you have a good command of the trade and/or are you looking for a new step? At Xentys, we’d love to help you make your new move a reality.

If you have or want to pursue a career as a Buyer, there are several options. As you accumulate more experience and qualifications over time, you can advance to a higher position, such as Senior Buyer, Strategic Buyer, Purchasing Manager or Purchasing Director. These jobs offer more responsibility and leadership, and often offer higher pay. In addition to these jobs, there are also opportunities to specialize in specific procurement areas. Consider supply chain management, sustainable procurement or contract negotiations. We also advise motivated buyers to invest in personal and professional development. One way to do this is to attend training and obtain specific certifications in the field of procurement. You will further develop your skills and qualifications through this. This will also give you better chances for advancement opportunities right away. Finally, some companies also offer internal training and development programs and the opportunity to work on various projects. At Xentys, we have several new job openings available for buyer. We would be happy to go over all the possibilities with you for this.


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