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Is a professional with a relevant technical education, such as mechanical engineering, needed? Should purchasing support the engineering department in choosing the right supplier and staying within budget? Or should relations with suppliers be improved? Is a buyer needed who can find new suppliers? Are there any supply chain/delivery problems that need to be solved?








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Our approach

The recruitment selection process

To lure candidates into responding to a job posting, a distinctive job description is needed. For that, an extensive job intake is needed with the customer. Selected candidates are interviewed extensively by us, which effectively creates an X-ray of the candidate in relation to the vacancy. During the further selection process within the customer’s organization. Receive guidance throughout the entire process.

Vacancy intake

We would like to have a conversation with the hiring manager in order to be able to write that. With HR, we want to make arrangements about the customer’s conditions, communication, and internal approach.

Interview reports

Our interview reports on the candidates we have selected will be sent to the customer along with the CV.

Procedure at the customer

We actively support the scheduling of appointments, obtain customer feedback, and advise where necessary regarding employment conditions, up to and including the signing of the employment contract.

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Maarten and I have known each other for a long time, and I have experienced during that time that Maarten always keeps his appointments, which makes cooperation very pleasant.
In addition, he has an interesting view on the role of purchasing and it is always a pleasure to exchange thoughts with him about this profession.

Marc de Kolf at Royal van Lent/FeadshipInterim procurement professional via xentys

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Even in difficult labor market conditions, we find the desired candidate. Close communication with our customers is crucial for our success.

Maarten Smits van Oyen

Maarten Smits van Oyen

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Adriaan Brok

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