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We appreciate your interest in our vacancy, but unfortunately the position has already been filled or has expired. Nevertheless, we would like to welcome you to our network in the future. We therefore invite you to fill out an open application on our website so that we can keep you informed about job openings. In addition, there are some similar positions at the bottom of this page.

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How does an open application work at xentys?

By submitting an open application, you will be kept informed of our current job openings and we can band you if we have a suitable position for you.

How to get started.


First, make sure your resume succinctly reflects all your relevant skills, qualifications and experience.


Then submit the open application to us using the form to the right. You may then receive a call from one of our recruitment specialists.


Above all, remain patient, because finding the suitable job opening will take some time.


At xentys, we want to inform you about the job opening that suits you.

What an open application at xentys can bring you

Would you like to receive customized job postings or would you prefer to see a general overview of all job postings? At Xentys, we provide an individualized approach. We organize an interview with one of our specialists to get a good picture of your abilities, qualifications and preferences before we introduce you to an employer or client.

Procurement positions starting from €60 000 per year

Looking for the ideal technical procurement positions? At you will find professional and management positions in procurement within industry, construction and offshore…. Step into the world of top procurement and discover jobs that will take your career to the next level.

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Procurement Knowledge

Procurement in 2024: Five Essential Strategies for Maximum Savings

In a world where the procurement industry is evolving faster than ever before, xentys is at the forefront of supporting professionals and organizations in the Netherlands in this transformation. Inspired by Simfoni’s recent webinar“Rethinking Procurement: Capturing & Realizing Savings in 2024,” we share five crucial insights that not only shape

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How do you prepare for a job interview?

Be yourself and understand the importance of authenticity. You don’t make a difference by talking (let alone bragging) but Be yourself and understand the importance of authenticity. You make a difference not by talking (let alone bragging) but by asking intelligent and relevant questions. Your basic attitude is polite, respectful,

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Integratie van duurzamheid in Tactische Inkoopstrategien

Integrating Sustainability into Tactical Procurement Strategies.

Sustainability is no longer just a buzzword, but a necessity- for modern businesses. One of the disciplines that have a leading role in this is procurement. But how does one integrate sustainability into tactical procurement strategies, especially with a focus on technical innovations and strategic decision making? Tactical procurement: a

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De Toekomst van Buyer Rollen in Technisch Geavanceerde Sectoren

The Future of Buyer Roles in Technically Advanced Sectors

Discover how the role of the buyer is evolving in a technology-driven world and becoming increasingly complex and essential. In a world where technology is constantly evolving, the role of technical buyers is becoming increasingly complex and essential. The field of procurement navigates a sea of innovations, and professionals must

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