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Founded in 2010, xentys focuses on search (permanent procurement positions) and interim procurement assignments for professionals, management and young talent. Our focus is on industry, contracting and technical wholesale. xentys works internationally. we have a wide network within the above disciplines (we have been active in these services for 23 years), and select candidates based on real-life cases. We hope to speak with you soon!

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Working as an interim buyer

An interim procurement professional is hired on a temporary basis. Within your interim position, you can work on various challenges, such as overseeing a procurement project or reducing the drain on working capital. You often focus on cost reduction (based on total cost of ownership), supporting product development and/or optimizing processes.

Examples include seeking new suppliers, improving the performance of existing suppliers, contract negotiations and strategy development. With a fresh perspective on how companies operate, you can provide excellent new insights as an interim procurement professional.

Information about-and skills of-an interim buyer

Interim buyers are essential for companies of all sizes. You offer companies the flexibility to respond quickly to market fluctuations and unforeseen opportunities. An interim senior procurement officer brings experience and expertise that fine tune procurement processes and can save costs in the process. By using an interim buyer, companies increase their procurement capacity without the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

In addition, buyers can support the chief procurement officer in finding new suppliers. Furthermore, better prices can be ensured and new systems can be developed to maximize efficiency. In short, those who want to stay competitive in an ever-changing business environment should consider hiring an interim buyer. Do you have a history as a strategic buyer, facilities buyer or operational buyer? If so, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

An interim procurement specialist is responsible for optimizing an organization’s procurement activities. This includes developing a strategic procurement plan, negotiating contracts with suppliers, evaluating potential suppliers and establishing Supply Chain Management. The challenge as a buyer is to monitor procurement activities to meet efficiency and cost savings goals. Depending on specialist knowledge, ensuring good communication between departments may also be a task. Through these effective tasks, the interim professional can adjust the organization’s procurement activities and contribute to improved business performance.

For companies, choosing a procurement solution in the distinction between an interim buyer and a permanent buyer is essential. Permanent buyers are employed by the company to manage long-term purchasing tasks and strategies. Interim buyers, on the other hand, are hired for a limited time to perform tasks such as negotiating contracts or implementing new software. Interim buyers are agile and can respond quickly to changes in the market, while permanent buyers have more time to maintain relationships with suppliers and become deeply skilled in the industry. The best approach might be to choose both types of buyers who combine their advantages to create an optimal procurement strategy with flexibility and expertise combined. Xentys has a large network of companies where you can make ambitions come true. Please feel free to contact us if you are ready for a new step in your career.

As an interim procurement professional, it is essential to have broad experience and sufficient industry knowledge when a company is considering hiring you. Extensive purchasing experience gives you as a professional insight into the nuances of the process, allowing you to strengthen a company’s purchasing practices and help with cost savings. It is also important that you understand the specific industry as an interim buyer, as this allows you to anticipate key players, trends and challenges when developing strategies. Companies benefit from a more efficient procurement strategy and a better competitive position by using an interim who has both relevant experience and up-to-date knowledge. Hiring temporary buyers is a smart investment for companies looking to stay ahead of their competitors.

Interim procurement professionals must be able to think analytically and strategically to effectively analyze and resolve complex procurement issues. Furthermore, they must keep the organization’s activities in line with its business objectives. An interim buyer must perform market and trend analysis to find ideal suppliers and cost-effective purchasing strategies. Strategic thinking includes making long-term plans for optimizing performance, as well as forecasting market trends for successful long-term procurement strategies. All skills will allow you to manage and optimize activities as an interim buyer to increase business success.

Interim buyers need strong communication and negotiation skills. As a buyer, you may be responsible for negotiating contracts or dealing with suppliers. Good communication can lead to better relationships with suppliers, resulting in more cost-effective deals. Negotiation skills are therefore needed to negotiate the best possible terms, which can lead to cost savings for the company.

Purchasers employed on a temporary basis must be flexible and adaptable to situations. As a buyer, you will need to integrate with different teams and adapt quickly to the company culture. The approach to procurement activities must be resilient to changes in budget, market prices for goods and services, among other things. These qualities allow you to respond quickly and maximize the performance of organizations.

As an interim buyer, you can have a positive impact on a company’s performance and profitability. You will provide new insights to the purchasing department with your own bin knowledge and expertise. The experience you bring will allow you to work quickly and efficiently, leading to better business results. In addition, you can realize cost savings by improving the procurement process. Special skills also allow you to provide additional support during times of greater demand or for specific projects.

Interim buyers are able to identify new opportunities and design innovative procurement strategies that enhance a company’s competitive advantage. If you like variety and are looking for a new step, this may be the position of choice. Contact us to discuss opportunities or to receive job alerts.


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