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These positions are particularly common in industry but also in offshore and construction. What is striking is that the degree of technical background and knowledge can vary greatly. Some companies are happy with a colleague who has experience as a buyer at a manufacturing company, while others require someone with an HTS or MTS background. The latter category, by the way, is very scarce in the Netherlands.

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Working as a technical buyer

As a technical buyer, you have an important role in the procurement process of mainly technical products and services, think of the latter, for example, outsourcing the machining of metals or outsourcing the complete production of a machine.

Supply market research, market analysis, understanding the entire supply chain, from raw material and of the “cost-drivers,” are important components of your work.

Education and careers

Technical buyers normally work in purchasing departments and are responsible for analyzing the supplier market. Usually, you will end up as a technical buyer at a large company in mechanical engineering, automotive or product development.

You will negotiate favorable terms on technical purchases of machinery or equipment, for example. In addition, you will provide internal feedback on product quality and requirements and suggest changes to increase efficiency and save costs.

Although all types of buyers are involved in purchasing products and materials for a company, there are some important differences between buyers. A technical buyer has broad technical knowledge of technologies and products. This is necessary for a company’s production process. Other buyers often focus on other types of goods or services.

A tactical buyer, for example, thinks more in terms of the customer’s needs. Technical buyers also often face more stringent quality and safety requirements. This can make the role even more challenging.

A broad knowledge and affinity for engineering are two factors that contribute to your performance as a technical buyer. The broad knowledge will have to be recruited mainly for the technologies and products needed for the company’s production. Main duties include contacting suppliers, managing pricing and new contracts. In addition, ordering products, tracking deliveries and cost reduction opportunities are also important aspects. Furthermore, as a buyer, you will ensure that the products delivered meet the quality requirements. The role of the technical buyer is important to a successful production process. Therefore, we understand better than anyone else that it is essential for a company to invest in trained professionals for this position.

The job of a technical buyer, as mentioned earlier, requires excellent research and analytical skills. It is also advantageous to have an understanding of technical components, commercial skills, problem-solving ability and communication skills. A good command of the English language in word and writing are points that can contribute to making new contacts more easily. Especially in a large technical company, this can be a requirement. With the business goals in mind and good organizational skills to manage the procurement process, you will come a long way as a technical salesperson. The most important skills are listed below.

  1. Excellent research and analytical skills: A technical buyer must be familiar with the market and be able to evaluate different suppliers. Determining which products and services are most appropriate for his organization is important in this regard.
  2. Knowledge of technical specifications: As a technical buyer, an understanding of product specifications is essential when negotiating with suppliers on such things as pricing and contract terms. Passion for technology can certainly contribute to this.
  3. Strong negotiation and communication skills: It is important for technical buyers to be able to communicate effectively with suppliers. In doing so, this can help to find new suppliers through telephone contact, for example.
  4. Knowledge of market trends and suppliers: Staying abreast of industry trends such as technological developments or changes in supplier costs are essential to making informed purchasing decisions.
  5. Problem solving skills: It is important that technical buyers have problem-solving skills to deal with potentially difficult circumstances that may arise during negotiations or deliveries.
  6. Ability to make strategic decisions: A technical buyer must be able to make strategic decisions that can increase efficiency and profitability with an eye toward business goals.

Technical buyers need education and training to be successful in their positions. This may include knowledge of the market, technologies and products, analytical and communication skills. Appropriate technical training provides an invaluable background for technical buyers. Various courses focused on contract management, negotiation and supply chain management, for example, can help develop the necessary competencies. Investing in qualified technical buyers with relevant education and training is positive for companies. Regarding education and training, we are aware that there is always room for personal development. We do not judge someone based on education but on what someone has to offer. Are you looking for a new step in your career? We would like to explore with you whether we can make this possible.

Work experience, in addition to an education, is essential for technical buyers. As a buyer, you will need to have the practical knowledge and skills necessary to better understand technologies, products and materials. It can improve understanding of the market, suppliers, safety regulations. In addition, as a buyer, it allows you to solve problems faster.

To properly market yourself as a technical buyer, we have a few more tips. You can become more effective at your job as a buyer by staying abreast of the latest trends and technologies. You can additionally improve your analytical skills by working a lot with data and finance. Optionally, you can take training and courses to help develop skills in negotiation, contract management, supply chain management and communication. Collaboration with internal stakeholders, such as technical teams and quality managers, can help better understand production challenges. By further developing skills, technical buyers can contribute to the success of their business and distinguish themselves well as professionals.


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