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Senior Purchasing Contractor


Nationwide contractor headquartered in Central Netherlands. Active both nationally and internationally and a key player in the energy transition.


The procurement organization was launched with the arrival of the current Manager of Procurement in 2022. He manages a senior buyer and this vacant position.

Operational procurement is performed by the line organization (the business), using MS Business Dynamics as the ERP system.

The purchasing department focuses on the following categories:

  • Subcontractors
  • Materials
  • Hiring staff
  • Indirect purchasing

The mutual division of labor in the procurement department will be determined in more detail.

Some of the tactical procurement is still done by the business. Procurement focuses primarily on selecting-and establishing long-term relationships with-suppliers and supporting the business in its relationships with suppliers.

Work is currently underway on a procurement plan, creating a set of contract templates and aligning procurement processes with the business.


In this role you will report directly to the Purchasing Manager who, if you have the ambitions and qualities to do so, you can succeed in a few years (your colleague has no ambition to do so).

You realize that the purchasing department is still under construction and that you will still have to win over some of your “internal customers” to yourself and to the purchasing department. For example, procurement is not yet involved in bid preparation. Once a contract is won, you want to be up and running as soon as possible so you can provide the necessary input into the creation of the procurement strategy, for which you want to get buy-in from the project team and management. If they agree, you roll out your plan, contributing seriously to the success of the project. Once a contract is awarded, subcontractors and suppliers will need to be contracted. If things in the execution phase do not go according to plan in the relationship with suppliers or subcontractors, you can use your experience to steer this back in the right direction and thus show your added value.

Up to and including successful delivery of the project to the client, you will remain involved.

In addition, you are continually honing processes so that the organization as a whole will operate more and more efficiently and effectively.


  • HBO work/thinking level
  • Knowledge of procurement theory (NEVI 2)
  • Experience with tactical/strategic procurement in the contracting industry (or you feel at home in such an environment)
  • Strong communicator, decisiveness
  • Good command of Dutch and English


  • Depending on experience and knowledge a salary up to €75,000 gross/year (full-time basis)
  • Further terms and conditions of employment based on the Collective Labor Agreement for the Metal and Engineering Industry.
  • 25 vacation days and 13 ADV days (full-time basis)
  • A good pension plan
  • Mobility allowance or electric lease car
  • Home working arrangement


Send your resume and cover letter to Or use the form below. Additional information can be obtained from Maarten Smits van Oyen, tel. +31.6.22422161 (mobile) or +31.70.240 0414 (phone)

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Senior Purchasing Contractor

Maarten Smits van Oyen
Maarten Smits van Oyen

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Senior Purchasing Contractor

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Senior Purchasing Contractor

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