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Tactical Buyer Offshore Vessels


A family-owned global maritime company with about 10 vessels owned and about 2,500 employees.


The team consists of the Procurement Manager, three Team Leads, five Tactical Buyers, nine contract engineers and twelve Operational Buyers. The teams are primarily responsible for procurement to maintain fleet operational readiness, offshore projects and NPR procurement.

Over the past three years, Procurement has made significant progress within the organization. The largest MRO commodities have been contracted, significantly reducing the number of suppliers.

The rest of the organization now recognizes the added value of procurement and works well with the improvements. Significant gains can still be made, as 25% of the €80 million in consumables still goes through existing contracts (the rest is ordered from non-contracted parties). So there is still a lot of room for improvement.


This function involves sourcing, selecting and contracting suppliers and has a major impact on the organization. When you start, you are given several (sub)categories, such as spare parts and/or consumables. You then analyze these categories and identify areas for improvement.

You will work closely with Technical Services, your eyes and ears on the shop floor, who fully understand the benefits of good procurement.

After you have contracted the supplier, you will also be responsible for contract management, supplier development, supplier management, etc. In a sense, you are the supplier’s account manager.

You can analyze categories that will lead to significant process changes. For example, a large-scale analysis of global procurement of medicines for the ship’s crew, taking into account local availability, regulations, etc., was recently conducted.

This eventually led to contracting one party to handle this globally, resulting in significant improvements in timeliness and cost.


  • HBO+ level of education and thinking
  • NEVI I certification
  • Full-time availability
  • 3-5 years of work experience
  • Good command of the Dutch and English languages
  • Affinity with the maritime industry


  • Salary up to 75K depending on knowledge and experience
  • 30 vacation days
  • 1 day of remote work per week (except Wednesday or Friday)
  • Bicycle Plan
  • Pension plan with 50% contribution by employer


Send your resume and cover letter to:

For more information, please call Adriaan Brok at 070-2400414.

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Tactical Buyer Offshore Vessels

Adriaan Brok
Adriaan Brok

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Tactical Buyer Offshore Vessels

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Tactical Buyer Offshore Vessels

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