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Global category manager I/C’s

Manufacturing electronics


Amsterdam area

100,000 per year

Deadline is verstreken


Company develops and manufactures electric equipment, e.g. energy storage systems (large batteries), transformer stations and is active in the heart of the energy transition.

Company has some 1.000 employees and grows by appr. 40% per year. Strong focus on NPD with 150 R&D engineers plus 60 vacancies in that area.

Company culture can be characterized as “we do it together”, short communication lines, pragmatic yet very strategic.

Located in Amsterdam area.



The procurement manager leads a team of 6, consisting out of 4 global category managers plus the Teamlead for the Electronics and I/C’s category, who now has this (his first) vacancy.

Procurement of indirects and Supply development/engineering are ‘under construction’.  Growth of the department to 11 positions is foreseen.

The spend in the Electronics and I/C’s category is now appr. € 100 mio./year and doubles year  upon year.



Your focus will be on market analysis, supporting the innovation process, organizing the supply chain (strategy), on sourcing, selection and contracting plus solving issues in the supply chain.

Your scope will be truly global.

The category you will  be responsible for comprises all components needed to produce PCB’s. The supply chain for these components, especially I/C’s, is extremely complex and competitive: few suppliers and limited availability. Players in the supply chain are OEM’s, distrubutors and EMS’s (Electronic Manufacturing Service providers, such as Flextronics).

To illustrate the challenges ahead: some required components are also needed for automotive production. These manufacturers are regularly faced with production stops due to shortages for these components, even though their demand is way larger than that of this company.

You need to think of strategies to assure timely delivery. E.g. the company is in direct contact not only with tier 1 suppliers, but also tier 2 and tier 3. It actively applies a multi vendor policy in each tier and even makes different designs for one PCB to assure that availability of components will not become a blocking factor in production.

You are familiar with the complexity of the (global) supply chain, know the industry with its drivers and the players in the I/C market, such as: Infineon, NXP, rising stars in China.

Travel involved will be appr. 15%.



  • Academic working level
  • You know the worldmarket for I/C’s very well
  • Experience with manufacturing and NPD
  • Corporate background
  • EU passport or working permit
  • Analytic and strategic, but also hands-on, pragmatic and a good teamplayer.



Starting salary is up to € 100K gross/year, depending on your experience. No bonus applies.

27 +13 vacation days.

Home working policy: 3 days/week working at the office, 2 days/week at home.

Pension scheme: PME, 2/3 of premium paid by employer.

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